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Ram Electronics

We are constantly trying to astonish our customers by providing incredible services and products.

Brad Davis, President of Ram Electronics


Ram Electronics provides excellent quality and production support for all of their manufacturing efforts. Thanks for the great work.

Roger Burdi, Sr. Technology Engineer
Byrne Electrical Specialists


Ram Electronics has an excellent command of the technology required for our project and were an instrumental part of the design process. Their engineering group is a pleasure to work with.

Daniel Muellerleile, Harbor Industries


Ram Electronics is dedicated to initiating innovation with technology, and pushing the limits of advanced manufacturing techniques with cutting edge design and processes.

Shawn Gibson, Sr. Product Engineer


Ram serves through innovative electronic solutions! They drive and enable their customers with thier solutions to new and updated products.

Don Neidlinger, Industry Consultant


Ram Electronics offers both contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies and electronic design services. We offer circuit board design, harnessing design, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, software integration design, prototype fabrication, environmental stress screening, automated assembly, and complete electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

We are a "one stop source" for your company, where every concept, design, and our model is followed through to production.

Key benefits

  • Coordinated electronic design with hardware design
  • Coordinated electronic functionality with software
  • Ease of up-grades and revisions, adding value & cost reduction

  • Capabilities
  • Altium and OrCad PCB design layout
  • Micro Programming Systems—Motorola, National, Pic's, Philips, Intel, etc.
  • Prototyping, first article inspection, production and fabrication
  • Pre-production approval process and documentation
  • Configuration and documentation control

  • Turnkey services:
  • Reduce your cost of inventory
  • Reduce costs for engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing processes
  • Help avoiding expensive capital equipment and manufacturing overhead
  • Capabilities

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly (through hole, surface mount and mixed configurations)
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • System integration/box build including harness design and fabrication
  • Conformal coatings
  • Branson sonic welding
  • Technical support and alternatives for obsolescence
  • Advanced Optical Inspection
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2008 Standard
  • Equipment

  • DEK Screen Printing
  • Universal GSM Pick & Place
  • Heller IR Reflow
  • Hepco and General Products Lead Forming
  • Amp, Molex, and JST Terminal Applicators
  • Semi-automated Contact Insertion Equipment
  • Technical Devices and Electrovert Equipment, Wave Soldering
  • Metcal Solder Stations
  • Value

    Ram Electronics has achieved our legacy of success by offering optimal "turn key" fabrication and design services, coupled with our advanced manufacturing capabilities. We design for value and cost effectiveness across our entire production.

    Best Practice

    Our registrar Perry Johnson has certified us to ISO 9001:2008 standard for both design services and manufacturing processes for decades.

    ISO Quality Certified Manufacturing Michigan Manufacturer


    You have our commitment to respond to your needs in a prompt & professional manner. We will always give you itemized quotations and complete information so you to make the best decision for your company and your production.


    Byrne Electrical Specialists

    Byrne is a leading manufacturer of power and data solutions for the home, healthcare, hospitality, and office furniture industries.

    • We design, manufacture, and test multiple different PCB assemblies.
    • We are a provider for Byrne's High-end custom plastic enclosure lines.
    • Products range from high volume phone chargers to IPhone docking stations.

    Light Corp.

    Light Corp is a progressive, customer focused, world class lighting designer and manufacturer providing cost-effective lighting solutions.

    • We build lighting elements with high power LEDs on Aluminium substrates.
    • The assemblies are completed by adding power wires, switches and connectors.
    • LED's and Aluminium substrates demand perfect SMT placement down to 2 mills.

    GE Aviation

    GE's Aviation sector provides high quality services for commercial aircraft, military, marine, and other general aviation businesses and services.

    • We manufacture high quality, low volume, high power circuit boards
    • The finished PCB's are used in testers and other machine controls.
    • We have been a manufacturer for GE Aviation for well over two decades.


    Flextronics is a solutions company that offers concept design, manufacturing, distribution, and after market services to many different OEMs.

    • We provide circuit design, PCB layouts and PCB assembly services.
    • Modify and upgrade assemblies that are used for their in-house test stands.
    • Flextronics provides testing services to Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive facilities.


    • Surface Mount Electronics Assembly
    • Through Hole Electronics Manufacturing
    • Turn-key production services
    Fast turn electronics assembly
    Simplex II Rev E

    The possibilities for plugging in are extensive with a wide range of configurations available for power, data and USB. There’s even a 2 AMP USB duplex – perfect for charging tablets and other USB-friendly electronics. Offered in three mounting options: Monument, Side and Hole Mount. Burelé is UL listed and available in 15 AMP cord.

    Electronics Engineering
    Light Corp. Task Light

    Light Corp's progressive industrial lighting fixtures have proven to enhance area color and visibility. We don’t underestimate the power of technology when it is within arms reach. No matter where you sit, the right amount of glare-less light, soft & blended, allows the user to perform at their highest level, comfortably and intelligently.

    Ram Electronics Design Engineering
    Moire Assembly

    Moiré also features a sophisticated, high-gloss plastic finish. A range of power, data and USB configurations are available as well - including a 2 AMP USB duplex that's ideal for charging tablets and other USB-friendly electronics. Offered in mounting options: Monument, Side and Hole mount. Moiré is UL listed and is available in 15 amp cord.

    Ram Electronics Process Engineering
    Interlink Power Distribution

    The Interlink® iQ is a non-sequential power system that allows users to “daisy chain” many power centers. The iQ’s “brain” allows users to connect up to 8 power/data centers off of one infeed. There are even smart LED indicators that illuminate green when you’re connected and ready to plug in.

    Flexible, Fast, Electronics Manufacturer
    IPhone 6 Dock and Assembly

    Axil X is one of Byrne's newest horizontal-mount desktop accessories, by bringing power and data right to your fingertips. The Axil will deliver a fresh look with new colors, but with all the same great capabilities. For clean design and simple installation - you're clearly in the right spot.

    Automation Capabilities are world class
    Deutsch PCB Assembly

    The dual diode versions of the Duestch PCB Assembly is used as a noise dampening circuit. The PCB Assembly has many applications throughout industrial construction and farming equipment. The circuit is mounted to the engine firewall and provides an outlet relief for overload current.

    Small to Medium Volume Electronics Productions
    8Trac Power Distribution

    Byrne's 8-Trac Modular Power System is adaptable to all architectural elements. Can be utilized in modular furniture, ceiling applications, floor to ceiling partitions, and raised floors. The system accommodates panel applications of 2 to 3.5 thick with harnesses available from 12 to 1800 in length.

    Lean Electronics Manufacturing
    Retrofit PCB Assembly

    The Retrofit USB offers 2 Amps per port, and can be installed in most of the products Byrne supplies. The Retrofit USB takes the space of one data port, and snaps into place easily. Retrofit USB is compatible for charging iPad®, iPhone®, Android®, and USB-powered devices.

    West Michigan leading electronics manufacturer

    Fun, fashionable and little bit funky, Hemisphere is a great way to round out your power and data needs. Its punch of color, sleek, domed profile and smooth surface are just plain cool. The soft touch finish and circular simplex trio further underscores a modern yet playful attitude.

    About Us

    Our Story

    Ram Electronics, Inc. was originally incorporated as R. A. Miller Electronics Corporation. Established in 1970, the company's first products were antenna matching networks and magnetic compasses.

    In 1979, the name was changed to Ram Electronics and the business was expanded into the production of printed circuit board assembles and electronic modules. Through the eighties, Ram's business grew, supplying electronics to the U.S. Government. Ram produced electronic assemblies and modules for various military radios and communication systems, data processing, control systems, electronic sensing and indicating apparatus. Ram Electronics grew to a 60 employee company in less than three years and was rewarded with the Small Business Administrator's Award of Excellence in 1988.

    At the turn of the decade in 1990, Ram reached a cross roads, with rapidly evaporating military contracts. It was decided Ram would shift the majority of it's efforts to commercial electronics, designing and manufacturing products with the same technical expertise that was utilized for the military. As with any major cultural shift, the transition was not painless, having to lay off employees and institute drastic down-sizing.

    In 1994, Ram emerged a survivor, successfully making the transition to a commercial electronics design and manufacturing facility. Our new customer base includes Brunswick Corporation, Deutsch Industrial Products, Electro-Matic, Diebold Inc., Whirlpool Corporation, Grand Haven Stamped Products (GHSP), Dura Automotive Products, Eaton Hydraulics, and others.

    In March 2016 Ram Electronics, Inc was acquired by two industry leaders: Bradley Davis and Lynne Bosgraaf. Their primary goal is to build on the growth that Ram has experienced, and continue leadership in the electronics market to differentiate each and every customer Ram serves. Ram will build on existing capabilities in the commercial electronics markets with mixed technology printed circuit board assemblies, complicated wireharness solutions and other mixed technology electronic assemblies.

    Our Future

    Ram Electronics is poised to move forward in these changing times. Ram has in place a quality system in ISO 9001:2008 that keeps our processes and procedures recognized by our customers and potential customers as having value and exemplifying high quality. Recent upgrades to equipment and integral systems will leave Ram in a position to have open capacity that can be quickly utilized by a potential customer. We need to continually open doors that will set us apart from our competition.

    Ram Electronics is committed to serving the Electronics Manufacturing Market (EMS) by providing value in design and optimizing cost in the manufacturing processes. We assure our future and current customers that we will advance with technology and incorporate the latest design and manufacturing processes into your products. We will maintain our quality metrics, continuously improving on our processes, whiling delivering your product on time. We aim for your success in your products by exceeding your expectations. We desire to understand your business so we both can succeed in competitive markets.

    Ram Electronics Leadership Team

    Terri Vargo General Manager
    Teresa Vargo
    Administrative Mgr.

    Teresa leads the purchasing department in securing parts over periods of long lead times, while keeping pace with the ever changing global markets. She is very skilled at maximizing cost effectiveness across dozens of products and their production processes. Her office managerial skills stretch throughout the building in shipping and receiving, Human Resources, Quality Standard metrics, and the day-to-day operations.

    Teresa leads the Accounting team where she maximizes Ram's profitability and analyses existing products regularly to drive prices lower, always offering a highly competitive product price. She also prepares financial reports and statements for top management to review during regular staff meetings throughout the week.

    Electronics and Design Engineering
    Bradley Davis

    Brad has 29+ years of experience in manufacturing, and now serves as President of Ram Electronics. His main focus is on day to day leadership of the team and implementation of Ram’s long-term goals of growth.

    With his vast experience in business development, supply chain, strategic planning and human resources he will guide the daily alignment of Ram’s current and future capabilities such that the customer base will see Ram as a long-term partner not only in development of electronic solutions but also a lean competitive manufacturer.

    Electronics and Design Engineering
    Lynne Bosgraaf

    Lynne has 20+ years of engineering experience in automotive and contract furniture industries, and will focus on business development with differentiated engineering solutions for Ram to offer openly to the market or to provide on a custom basis.

    With Lynne’s extensive background in engineering, strategic planning, sales and marketing, she will enable the continued competitiveness of Ram in marketplaces leveraging emerging electronic advances. While most of the focus will be with relationships in various markets, she will ensure alignment with capabilities inside Ram for on time delivery exceeding customer expectations.

    Electronics and Design Engineering
    Shawn Gibson
    Sr. Product Engineer

    Shawn provides key support for Ram's customers and it's team members. He leads planning, designing, and all production changes to new and existing products. He is an important part of Ram's Quality Standards Metrics that are met year after year. Shawn is a top notch engineer with decades of experience.

    Shawn is responsible for creating the data packages that allow Ram’s Production Team to manufacture our customers products and meets Ram’s Quality and Productivity requirements. He also heads the analysis team that uses a wide range of testing applications and methods to engineer, manufacture, and help improve products and prevent process errors.


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